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Button Mashing #01 - March Meal Plan

I couldn’t think of anything witty to use for my gaming related title. I would use Repede Limit, but I only use that for reviews, so Button Mashing seem to work out pretty well.

The picture? Completely irrelevant, but I like it, so I’ll use this every time I post something like this.

Anyway, gaming related crap this month? Pokemon Black/White, Dragon Age: Origins, and possible Marvel vs. Capcom 3 throughout the month.

Another year, another Pokemon game. Am I ready for this? Of course. Ever since I sampled a bit of the Japanese version, it sold me on the first five minutes, simply because of how pretty the game looks this time around. This is pretty much like me going into Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. I know nothing about the game, but it excites me that I have no idea what’s going on. Make the adventure that much more worth it.

Dragon Age: Origins is something I gotta beat before I even decide to pick up the second one. I got about 14 hours in the 360 version, but I had to return that copy to my friend. On top of that, not playing it for a couple months made me completely forget what the hell I was doing. Best I start over at this rate on a different system.

From what I’ve played so far, it runs a lot smoother on the PS3 and the 360 version.

On and off with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 though. I don’t own it, but I have enough friends that own it to play it somewhat frequently.

Still gotta find a couple teams I could work with well. So far, my main one is leading to Zero/Ameterasu/Sentinel. I like this team a lot, Sentinel, being the cheap-ass he is, saves me in pinches all the time. I’ve been alternating Spencer, Arthur, X-23, and Taskmaster a lot as well since they’re fun. Captain America might make it there too.

Two RPGs seem enough for one month, but let’s see how far my attention span goes with both these games.

Until then, later~

Bite Mark #01 - Uneasy

If there’s one thing I could personally hate about myself as of lately, it just being unreliable to those who need to rely on me.

Even myself.

Naturally, I know this is my fault, but there’s nothing worse than knowing you’re pretty much useless in any given situation.

I’m pretty much jobless and have to rely on a $60 allowance each week. $20 of which goes towards gas. With these lousy gas prices and of all the times for the Middle East to be at war with one another, it had to be now. A 30-mile commute back and forth from school for four days a week and someone important in your life contributing to part of the extra mileage strain doesn’t help. As I said, pretty much my fault.

It really makes me uneasy that I can’t support myself, let alone support the one I love. I sure as hell makes the relationship uneven and personally, I don’t wanna put that kind of strain on him to always support me financially.

It… It just makes me feel useless.

AniMarking #02 - Slap-Up Party ~Arad Senki~

Another series I have in my queue.

Based off of Dungeon Fighter Online, it caught my interest for that reason alone. I’m only about for episodes in, but it’s pretty much the same ol’ anime you get from anything based off of something.

The animation style is alright, the story itself is pretty typical. This anime pretty standard within itself.

So why am I bothering to watch it?

The ending, obviously.

[ link ]

It’s done by YMCK. What’s not win about this?

Anyway, I’ll probably give a little more info about this one when I bother to watch it more.

Until then, later~

AniMarking #01 - Durarara!!

So, I figured I should start using this blog for something instead of letting it sit here for nothing. I’ll be honest, Disc Read Error is a little on the dead side for me and anyone who’s a part of it now will agree. I figured, let’s just make it personal and make it on here since Tumblr is kinda cool like that.

What will be in here? Most likely gaming and anime related stuff, as well as some personal stuff. God knows that I love my food, so occasionally I might blog about some of the food escapades my friends and I go on. In other words, my little slice of life blog for you all.

Starting my blog off, figured that I should at least talk about some of the anime I plan to watch over time.

Dead honest? The only reason I even downloaded Durarara!! was because of the ending theme.

Seriously, I fucking love Trust Me.

But seeing a bunch of Backloggery people post a lot about this anime, I figured I should give it a shot. I mean, I don’t really know what it’s about, but I guess that’s what we’re here to find out, right?

Until then, later~ (For those of you who kept up with DRE:ID2, yes, I’m still fucking doing this.)

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